Seasoned Launches Next Generation Restaurant Hiring Tools in Dallas

Building on its growing industry-specific social network, Seasoned’s platform quickly connects workers with job opportunities, and helps restaurants hire quickly at lower costs

DALLAS - January 21, 2020 Seasoned, the leading hiring platform in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, launched across the region today. After months in testing, and with tens of thousands of users and thousands of local restaurants already on its platform, Seasoned’s low-cost, frictionless hiring tools and user network are now available to any restaurant operator and job seeker in the region.

Seasoned's restaurant hiring tools

Seasoned provides an easy to use platform for restaurants to find applicants, schedule interviews and hire people in as little as 24 hours, and at 60-70% lower costs. Seasoned also provides a community for industry employees to review openings, quickly schedule interviews with multiple operators, and connect with their peers for advice and guidance - creating a bespoke social network that brings the connections built during industry nights and events online.

Seasoned's employee network and community

“Our goal at Seasoned is to make life easier for people across the restaurant industry - owners, operators and employees,” said Ware Sykes, Seasoned’s CEO. “Getting people into jobs quickly, filling open roles fast and doing it all at a lower cost help are crucial to operating a successful business and supporting robust job growth, and Dallas is going to be a key market for Seasoned as the industry recovers and continues to grow.”

Earlier this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Seasoned revamped its platform to respond to restaurant’s pressing needs, and has seen rapidly growing demand from the fast casual (FSR) and quick service (QSR) segments of the market. Already, Seasoned is working with major restaurant operators across DFW, including Starbucks, McDonalds, Chipotle, and many others. In addition, tens of thousands of local workers are networking on Seasoned, and thousands of well-paying jobs are available across the region.

The QSR and FSR segments of the restaurant industry continued to grow in 2020 despite temporary headwinds, and that growth is expected to accelerate rapidly coming out of the pandemic. Hiring remains the number one challenge to sustaining that growth, and with restaurants experiencing 100% employee turnover, there is an undeniable and growing need for tools like Seasoned. Ultimately, Seasoned estimates that more than two-thirds of the 320,000 restaurant job-seekers in Dallas will pass through the platform.

About Seasoned

Seasoned seamlessly connects people in the restaurant industry with each other and with well-paying jobs, while giving businesses a frictionless tool to quickly hire people. Seasoned’s platform provides a community for people to connect with their peers and build a deeper network in their industry. At the same time, Seasoned helps restaurant owners hire people more quickly, reduces costs for businesses, and allows them to focus more on enhancing their operations. Ultimately, Seasoned’s tools will help hourly workers across industries become more financially secure, happier at work, and more connected to their industry.